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Over the course of over 12 months, IS Centurion Consulting has collaborated with 27K1 to contribute expertise and time in designing and developing an application tailored specifically to aid QSA Companies and their QSAs in addressing the fresh challenges posed by PCI DSS v4.0 Level 1 assessments.

Streamlining PCI DSS v4.0 Level 1 Assessments: Introducing the 27k1 ROC Management System (RMS).

IS Centurion Consulting have provided support to 27K1, with more 12 months development time to help design and develop an application that is exclusively created to assist QSA Companies and their QSAs meet the new challenges and demands of PCI DSS v4.0 level 1 assessments.

The 27k1 RMS is an effective tool for Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) who wish to comply with PCI DSS v4.0’s new evidence-focused assessment requirements, but it is important to understand how it can streamline compliance procedures. As an example of how the 27k1 RMS can assist QSA companies with Report On Compliance (ROC) for Level 1 clients.

Completing the new v4.0 ROC Template, particularly Sections 1 to 6 and Part II, can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. The 27K1 RMS aims to resolve and simplify these challenges.

​Key Benefits of 27K1 RMS for QSA Companies (QSACs) and their QSAs:

  • Exclusively Designed for QSAs: Unlike other solutions, the 27K1 RMS has been specifically designed to assist certified QSAs meet the new challenges and demands of delivering high quality level 1 PCI DSS v4.0 assessments. Consequently, QSA-focused quality and efficiency features have been baked into the design and development of the application.
  • Time Savings: It is estimated that the 27k1 RMS will save QSAs a minimum of six days for each ROC, reducing the write-up activities time and resources.
  • Quality Assurance: The QSA can provide QA departments with access to the completed sections (indicated by a Green status) of the ROC, either in part or in full, which allows them to audit and validate key sections until the assessment is finalised and ready for export into their ROC template and signature. As a result of this collaborative feature, the assessment produces higher quality and accuracy.
  • Automation and Management: A QSA must gather and manage supporting evidence to support their assessment conclusions. The system integrates and simplifies this process and reduces both manual and digital tasks.
  • Error Reduction: By automating and simplifying the ROC process, the 27k1 RMS reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur with manual processes, resulting in more accurate and reliable compliance reporting.
  • Developed With Input from QSA Professionals: The 27K1 RMS was developed with input from QSA professionals to ensure that it meets the practical needs of those conducting assessments. The PCI SSC event held in Portland; Oregon demonstrated its popularity among QSA professionals.
  • Innovative Features: The system includes ingenious ways to help QSAs improve the assessment process, although specific features are not detailed in the search results.
  • Innovative Time-Saving Features: By digitalizing the PCI DSS v4.0 ROC template the 27K1 RMS incorporates some useful time-saving features, which will help the QSAs to be more efficient in compiling their ROC write-ups.
  • Reduce Stress & Burnout: Using an intuitive digitalized assessment interface QSAs will become more time-efficient, which will help reduce the burden and pressures that are placed on them.

By leveraging the 27k1 RMS, QSA companies can enhance their efficiency and accuracy in conducting Level 1 PCI DSS v4.0 assessments. The system’s design to specifically address the challenges of the ROC process makes it a valuable tool for QSAs aiming to meet the stringent requirements of the latest PCI DSS version.