Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Risk and Compliance Consulting Services

You may notice that we will never mention the term 'audit', as IS Centurion's approach is to work closely with the client to help them achieve their clearly defined objectives.

We offer a range of consultancy offerings:


  • Maturity reviews of internal & 3rd party supplier processes.

  • Project and compliance support.

  • Baseline security controls assessments, e.g.

    • NIST Cyber Security Framework.​

    • PCI DSS.

    • ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

    • CIS 20 Critical Security Controls.

  • Security awareness training.

  • Document reviews.

  • Physical security assessments.

  • Operational resilience assessments.

  • Risk assessments.

Our services have been designed to be interactive, thought provoking and to be tailored to compliment each client's business operations.

The focus of all engagements is to protect the client from any undue risks created through the reliance on the use of sensitive data (e.g.  Personal Data, Customer Payment Card Data, Intellectual Property, Account Details, etc.).

If you are seeking to enhance your current security profile, reducing your technical debt, dark debt or cultural debt that could increase the risks to your organisation, why not get in touch and see how we can assist you?

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