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Whether you're seeking to further your Cyber Security, Information Security, Risk Management or Operational Resilience knowledge or you are part of your business' C-Suite or Leadership teams investigating how to reduce the risks to your organization, IS Centurion's Director (Jim Seaman) continues to produce some useful insights through this websites blogs and through the growing library of reading materials that he contributes to.

Credit Card Purchase

An Integrated Data Security Standard Guide

Grow your knowledge of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), in relation to the continual safeguarding of any cardholder data assets and the supporting operations.

Understand how the standard has been forged from strong and robust concepts, which can be seen across various security industry standards and military operations. 

Develop your understanding of what good payment card security looks like, through the experiences, skills and knowledge from more than 32 years working within the security industry.

Army Soldiers

A long career in the Royal Air Force Police has provided many specialist areas to grow an exceptional level of skill, experience and knowledge, which are directly transferable to assist you to enhance the protection of your digital business.

Check out what benefits you can glean from a Protective Security career encompassing:

  • Policing.

  • Special Weapons protection.

  • Airfield protection (aka Dog Handling).

  • Security Shift Command.

  • Air Transport Security operations.

  • Counter Intelligence operations.

  •  Counter-Terrorism operations.

Protective Security:  Creating Military Grade Defenses for Your Digital Business


Challenges in the IoT and Smart Environments:
A Practitioners' Guide to Security, Ethics and Criminal Threats

In this ever-changing and challenging technological world understanding the Security, Ethics and Criminals Threats has never been more important.

For example, what importance does Digital Leadership, Strategy and Governance play in helping to ensure that your business can safely embrace new and emerging technologies?


Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security:
Impact and Implications: Security Challenges, Technical and Ethical Issues, Forensic Investigative Challenges and Technologies for Security Applications)

As the technological world starts to embrace the benefits of automation, through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions, what is the potential impact and implications for the security industry?

Can a more proactive model help your business to reduce its risks?

Unlocking Door

Social Engineering Penetration Testing: Executing Social Engineering Pen Tests, Assessments and Defense

This was my 1st contribution to a published book, as well as the Technical Editor I also provided contributions to two of the chapters on a subject that we teach to children (e.g., The Wolf In Red Riding Hood, The witch in Snow White, etc.) but which businesses often neglect with their adult employees.

How has COVID19 and the move to increased remote working impacted the Social Engineering threats?

Paying with a Credit Card

My 2nd contribution to a published book, working as part of the Development Team to help ISACA create a comprehensive guide to the PCI DSS.

The reader will gain comprehensive insights into the inner workings of the payment card industry and its implications for your business' security practices.

(PCI DSS) A Practical Guide to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard


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